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commercial Pest Control Services

Just like Heights Pest Control, any successful company takes a certain amount of care to create the best first impression. Likewise, a company’s reputation can take a nose dive if something as distasteful as a rat or other traces are found by employees, clients, or vendors. Everyone who works or visits your location expects a level of protection and safety.

Why take the chance?

Any privately-owned or public structure can be susceptible to pests — from the smallest of annoying insects to disease carrying vermin. Green Pest Solutions offers thorough On Site Inspections, Evaluations, and Treatment Programs for: 


  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Convention Centers
  • Industrial Centers
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Office Buildings
  • And more…

With Green Band Protection: No Pest! No inside Sprays! No Problem

The Green Band Protection System is a customized pest control program ideal for budget-minded companies who want to protect their employees and customers from invasive disease carrying pests, without the fear of someone spraying some chemical agent that could possibly harm anyone in the workplace. This eco-friendly pest control service targets only invasive pests while leaving the beneficial pests to thrive and support nature. 

Outside Your Business

The outside of your business provides thousands of routes for pest to travel, trail, and gain access into your living areas. With today’s advanced microencapsulation chemistry technology, a pest control material can be applied around the exterior of the building. When combined with simple mechanical exclusion processes like caulking and / or sealing insect access points, this pest control service can further minimize the insects’ ability to gain entry into the living areas of your office building. 

Inside Your Business

The inside of your business should be your inner insect and chemical free sanctum. We don’t want insects or chemicals sharing your living area with you. Employees and customers all want to work comfortably inside their workplace year round with a Green Band Protection system.

There may come a rare time where our exterminators may need to address an insect issue on the inside of a business, but in most of these cases, they can be solved with mere grams of insect baiting material, still leaving your office bug and chemical free.